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Dr. Megan MykietiukDr. Megan L. Mykietiuk is native to Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where she first developed an empathetic nature and knew she would help others through a career in the health sciences. She studied at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Honors Biology in 2004. She was accepted into the Doctor of Chiropractic program at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for the following fall. During her time at CMCC, Dr. Megan made herself knowledgeable in the many facets of chiropractic technique such as Thompson® and Activator® while attaining Dean’s list standing graduating Cum Laude. During her clinical internship, Dr. Megan had the opportunity to treat various populations at an urban multi-disciplinary clinic including many chronic conditions with associated mental disorders and disabilities, trans-gendered, new immigrants and also at a suburban clinic with acute pain conditions and rehabilitation.

Dr. Mykietiuk (Wambolt) is a 2008 graduate of the Doctor of Chiropractic program from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and obtained her license to practice in Nova Scotia in August 2008.

Dr. Megan is delighted to share the joy of practicing in a small community with her husband Dr. Chad Mykietiuk; together they are the parents of a sweet, bright eyed daughter Brynn, a muscle bound little man Eli, and an excitable canine (a Boston Terrier). Dr. Megan has served as Treasurer of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors for four years and maintains volunteer work in her provincial association. She is a proud co-sleeping, extended/tandem nursing, cloth diapering, baby-wearing, attachment parenting mom. Her focus in practice is on pregnancy care, pediatrics and women’s clinical issues. She is passionate about educating families on raising children consciously and with a holistic approach to their physical and emotional health.

From Dr. Megan:
“Life is interesting in that you have to have a certain amount of faith that you’re on a journey and all things happen for a reason. Challenges serve to teach us and make us stronger. Sometimes we need to dig deep to find gratitude and perspective for what really counts in this life. Time and time again, I’m reminded of the importance of health and how when it is absent, little else really matters. That’s why I am a lifelong learner on health, our environment and parenting issues, and speak passionately about the immense amount of topics that bombard today’s families and affect the wellness of our children and their parents.

I want to impact my community and I know the best way to do this is by serving more families and children! Parents need to learn that their children can be more, can be healthier than they have been led to believe. Parents need to know that society has undermined parental intuition with unrealistic expectations of what is convenient to do vs. what is natural to do. Parents need to learn to believe in the innate capabilities of their bodies and of their children’s. Health does not come in a pill, potion or lotion. Happiness does not come from objects we own and our children need our time, not more possessions. Let’s build our families up with strength and trust in their vitalistic abilities, not tear them down through fear and criticism.

The reasons I became a Chiropractor and the reasons that I love being a Chiropractor today have evolved. I’ve been guided on a journey and I didn’t know then that decisions I made 10 years ago would continue to shape and enrich my life today in the impactful way it has, and likely will for the rest of my life. Chiropractic has reshaped my entire life philosophy; Chiropractic philosophy has served as a foundation to raise my family, to enrich my relationships and make me a better mother and wife. In some ways, I feel like Chiropractic choose me and I can’t imagine living out my highest values of service and passion in any other way.”

Dr. Megan is available to speak to small groups of parents on topics of:
– Infant and Toddler Development: Impact of Modern Ergonomics
– Essential Nutrition for Childhood Development
– The 4th Trimester: Common Questions and Easy Solutions
– Busy Mom’s Guide To a Healthy School Year
– Busy Mom’s Guide To a Healthy Winter
– Identifying Hidden Toxins in our Food and Home

Chiropractic Appointments with Dr. Megan are Available:
Dr. Megan is currently on maternity leave! Expected return for Dr. Megan is late 2018. In the meantime, all of Dr. Megan’s patients are encouraged to maintain their regular care with Dr. Chad.