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Chiropractic for Babies HalifaxWhen introducing children to Chiropractic care, our utmost priorities lie in assuring that the parent and the child feel comfortable and trust their doctor. At Village Wellness we make every accommodation to make this an enjoyable experience such as: providing optimal appointment times for family, allowing the option to do phone consults or parent only histories so not to bore a child and allow the parents to be fully engaged with their doctor for this critical exchange of information, having many toy and colouring options available, complimentary diapers, and in providing a safe and comfortable environment for children and nursing moms.

The components of the initial consult for a child include: A spinal scan of the autonomic and motor nervous system, a thorough health history, an examination, a report of findings and informed consent. Not all of these may happen in the same day depending on what works best for your family. Our doctors go to great lengths to build trust with your child in the form of play and age appropriate explanation of what they can expect so that healing can begin for your child!