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Natural Relief and Better Health

While ear infections are increasingly more common among today’s children, they should not be mistaken for normal. An ear infection is often a symptom of an immune system out of balance and challenged by various stimulants in a child’s diet and environment, combined with a body that does not have optimal functioning to deal with these stimulants. Together this results in increased mucous production and inflammation leading to infections and other illnesses.

There are two common medical approaches today: antibiotics and surgery (tubes). As many as 70% of ear infections are caused by viruses (not bacteria), which do not respond to antibiotic use. By using unnecessary antibiotics you are often predisposing a child to repeat infections and illness by eliminating good bacteria in their body. When a child undergoes surgical intervention to have drainage tubes inserted into their tympanic membrane, you’ve created a short term mechanical solution to drain the middle ear, but the real underlying cause of the infection is still not being addressed. A secondary recommendation is often to have adenoids removed; these are important lymphatic tissue that enlarges when the immune system is chronically stimulated. By eliminating chronic stimulants in a child’s diet and environment, and removing interference along the nervous system, the immune system can respond appropriately and the need for these medical interventions is often eliminated.

Chiropractors help by removing your child`s spinal subluxations, allowing their body to express its full potential for self-healing and properly manage ear drainage.  Cranial nerves free of interference lead to normal peristaltic motion of the eustachian tubes and appropriate middle ear drainage. Having your child’s spine assessed at birth and regularly throughout childhood allows their immune system and the rest of their body to develop and grow properly.

It’s important for you to realize that chiropractic is not a “cure” for ear infections. In reality, your child’s body does all of the healing; chiropractors are there to help ensure proper function of the spine and freedom for your child’s body to fight infections as naturally designed.

Lifestyle Choices to Support Greater Health in Your Child and Avoid Ear Infections:
Boost Your Child’s Immune System:
– Long Term Breastfeeding
– Regular Probiotics
– Year Round Vitamin D
– Regular Spinal Adjustments
– Avoid Foods With: GMO’s, Artificial Colours and High Fructose Corn Syrup
– Allow a Fever to Run its Course Without Pharmaceutical Intervention (*within a safe range)

Drs. Chad and Megan Mykietiuk have advanced training in pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and have helped many families overcome chronic ear infections through chiropractic and lifestyle modifications!