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Finding Focus with Chiropractic

The role of Chiropractic is to balance the nervous system by detecting and correcting misalignments and fixations in the spine called subluxations. The spine is more than a group of bones surrounded by muscles and nerves; collectively it acts as the sole structure whose primary role is to allow for proper communication between the brain and the body, so that one can respond appropriately to environmental stimuli. When abnormal alignment and fixation of the vertebrae exists, which may be the result of the birthing process, physical trauma or chemical and emotional stress, it leads to abnormal sensory input to the brain and ultimately abnormal behavioral output in children with such diagnoses as ADD/ADHD. If neurosensory input into the brain is disrupted then this leads to an imbalance in the central nervous system, primarily meaning the sympathetic portion of our CNS (the fight or flight component) is on overdrive compared to the parasympathetic portion of our CNS (the rest and digest component).

The vast majority of ADD / ADHD cases should not be considered disorders but rather states of imbalance in our nervous system.

Chiropractors help children with ADD/ADHD by balancing the nervous system through safe and gentle adjustments to the spine. This ultimately helps to balance and calm the noise your child’s nervous system receives from its environment, allowing them to interpret and respond to their environment in more appropriate ways. While behavioral and nutritional therapy have a place in the management of neurological disorders, incorporating a chiropractor into your child’s healthcare management can amplify the results you achieve by allowing your child’s body to assimilate these therapies appropriately. A wellness chiropractor is a great resource for making holistic lifestyle choices for your family, adjusting your nervous system to meet the demands of its environment for better health and helping your family set lifelong health habits that work on addressing the cause, not just bandage solutions.

There are many natural choices you can make as a parent to help better regulate your child’s nervous system. By removing lifestyle and environmental stressors, as well as addressing the physical and neurological components with chiropractic care, parents often notice significant improvements in ADD / ADHD symptoms. Here are some action steps you can take today:
– Have your child evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor.
– Rule out possible food allergies by eliminating dairy, gluten, corn and soy from your child’s diet, or visit a holistic doctor who can further evaluate these potential intolerances.
– Focus on organic and natural food choices that are free of preservatives, dyes, chemical pesticides, artificial sweeteners and additives.
– Reduce sugars as much as possible from your child’s diet, as sugar feeds the sympathetic nervous system.
– Use only natural cleaning products and natural toiletries in your home.
– Have your water tested and filter out any contaminants found.
– Ask your trusted healthcare provider to recommend proper supplementation, which may include fish oils, vitamin D, probiotics, multivitamins and antioxidants.
– Encourage as much exercise and outdoor time as possible.
– Limit time spent on electronic devices such as television, computers, tablets and phones. Instead, focus on balancing activities which require utilization of both sides of the brain.
– Don’t give up! Make lifestyle changes and stick to them; changes will start happening but they may take some time.

Drs. Chad and Megan Mykietiuk have advanced training in pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and have helped many families find greater balance and ease through chiropractic and lifestyle modifications! We can’t wait to support your family on their journey through natural and effective healthcare to greater happiness and vitality!