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Should I eat before my massage?

It is best not to eat for 90 minutes prior to a massage as this process is similar to swimming or working out in that it takes blood away from the stomach and intestines which can interfere with the digestion process.

Should I take medication before my massage?

It is sometimes recommended to not take anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants or pain killers prior to your physical and massage. They can dull your sense of pain or reaction to the pressure used which may result in increased pain after the massage.

Do I have to remove my clothes for my massage?

To maximize the benefits of massage therapy, we suggest that the body part which is being worked on be exposed but massage therapists are required to keep all other body parts draped. Our massage therapists are professionally trained to treat your body with respect and discretion and it is important to us that you feel comfortable during your treatment.  If you have any concerns about disrobing, please do not hesitate to talk to your Massage Therapist so that together you can  find a treatment option that makes you both comfortable.

I bruise easily; can I still receive a massage?

You should bring this to the attention of the Massage Therapist in the health history portion of your visit and depending on the nature of the bruising, they will decide if you are still a good candidate for a massage.

Are there certain conditions people may have that make them unlikely candidates for massage?

Yes, people with blood clotting problems such as Haemophilia may not make good candidates for massage. Since massage increases circulation, people with the following conditions should consult their medical physician before receiving a massage:

  • active cancer
  • high blood pressure
  • hernias and broken bones

Patients with localized inflammation, varicose veins, phlebitis and infected skin disorders will want to have these areas avoided during massage. Please be sure to discuss any of these conditions with your Massage Therapist before treatment.

Will there be talking during the massage?

This totally up to you.  If you prefer to close your eyes and enjoy the quiet then please do. Your Massage Therapist may need to interrupt occasionally for feedback in a particular area or to inform you of a finding.   You should also feel comfortable give your own feedback or ask any questions during treatment.

Is massage therapy covered by my provincial health care plan in Nova Scotia?

In the province of Nova Scotia massage therapy is not covered by provincial health care. However, many employer and third party insurance plans cover massage therapy services, although some may require a referral from your physician or chiropractor.  Please contact your insurance carrier for more details.

What can I expect after my massage?

You body will likely feel very relaxed and tired after a massage. We recommend you drink plenty of water and take a warm Epsom salt bath to rehydrate and enhance the benefits of your massage.