Massage Therapy

"Benefits of therapeutic massage therapy have become widely known in recent years - decreased muscle tension, increased immune system functioning, promotion of relaxation and stress reduction along with increased healing to injured tissues"

Massage Therapy TreatmentMyofascial Release uses gentle stretching to release the connective tissue surrounding the muscles and organs of the body.  The treatment eliminates pain and restores function; it can be very useful surrounding scar tissue and does not require the use of any creams or lotions.

Hot Stone Massage, although widely popular in spa settings, also has significant clinical applications.  Water treated stones are placed at specific points on the body thought to open up energy pathways.  Hot Stone assists deep tissue work, increases metabolism and detoxifies the body.

Maternal Massage has the ability to ease the aches and pains associated with the physical changes of pregnancy as well as prepare the body for the labouring process by relaxing muscles and opening up joints of the pelvis to assist in a quick and easy birth. 

Reflexology is a focused pressure technique that offers healing, soothing touch for the feet or hands to address reflexes which are related to glands and organs in all parts of the body.